Thorvarian Tales

Bleak Awakening

A group of adventurers were retrieved from the jaws of death via what appeared to be a botched raise dead ritual. Their confusion mounted as the people in the tomb with them quickly jumped to the attack, trying to silence the group before they could stir up any trouble with their operation. Moreover, a number of the corpses in the pile actually HAD been animated as undead, who also assaulted them. Thankfully, the group gathered their wits quickly and dispatched their enemies, leaving only the misguided Kobold Wild Sorceror Verp standing. Verp quickly related that he had been helping a grave robbing group from the infamous Grunk Brothers delver family, and that they were now getting desperate. The continuous rain that had flooded the majority of the city of Thorvar now threatened to put an aquatic end to their efforts. Trying to buy time, the necromancers were animating corpses to help pile mud and sandbags to stave off the waters.

Deciding it was best to band together for mutual survival, the party climbed out of the mass grave, only to have to stave off an assault by more grave robbers as well as their group of Carrion Crawler allies. With the water streaming in, the party elected to try and negotiate with the leader, Nicodemus Grunk, but failed to notice that one of the necromancer’s undead servants had spotted them. When they came to the surface, they were greeted by an attack from Mor’Gar, a trained ettin, and the rest of Nicodemus’s forces. The battle was fierce, but in the end the party was victorious and Nicodemus was forced to flee through the now-collapsing sandbag wall. With flood waters closing in, the party claimed the Grunk wagon and prepared to try and ride out the storm…


I imagine as the rain is hitting Aduro, steam rises from his red-hot energy lines. As he goes to pull along the cart, he laughs at the chore, commenting that he used to pull heavier things for that damn efreet. (Out of character: can Aduro get a +2 backstory bonus to his athletics/endurance checks made to pull the cart?)

Bleak Awakening
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