Thorvarian Tales

Keep on the Shadowfell, Pt.1


A quartet of delvers from Thorvar city, Enis the dwarven fighter, Oren the halfling rogue, Willhelm the Cleric of Bahamut, and Kaeless the Dragonborn Paladin, were traveling to the small farming village of Winterhaven. A few weeks previous, their group’s mentor, Douven Stall, had journeyed there to investigate rumors of a dragon’s burial site, thinking that perhaps the dragon’s horde may have been buried with them. However, as time went by and no one heard anything from Douven, the group decided to make their way out to check on their friend. They were beset on the road by a group of kobold raiders. The group dispatched them and continued on to the town, seeking lodging at the inn. There they were introduced to Eilidan, an aging historian, and the town sage, who informed them that Douven had indeed been to Winterhaven and that they had given him directions to the burial site. Additionally, the group was hired by the local Lord to investigate the recent increase in activity from the Kobolds. When the group set out from Winterhaven the next morning, however, they were beset on the road by a better armed and equipped group of Kobolds including a priest, intent on avenging their fellows from the day before. The group was more tightly tested, but prevailed in the end. During examination of the bodies, they discovered that the Kobold Priest’s holy symbol had an engraved symbol of Orcus on the bottom.


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