Thorvarian Tales

The Rain Part 1

Wherein the party escapes the graveyard, faces many struggles, and eventually arrives in Delver's Square

As the rain flooded rapidly into the graveyard, the party quickly piled into the wagon piled high with stolen loot from the already flooding crypts. Finding themselves trapped in a city that, as far as any of them could remember, had previously been above water and not raining continually, the party turned to the only group member whose memory was complete, Verp, for assistance. He informed them that the majority of the refugees had relocated to Delver’s Square, a small sub-district of the city made famous for being the home base of a number of adventuring crews or “Delver’s” in the city. Going by Bakari’s remembrance of the city’s lay-out, the party made their way south towards the central river, powered by the strong arms of Aduro through the flooded streets, alternately walking the wagon along and swimming. The party faced a number of hardships, including rescuing a group of refugees, holding up in a booby trapped warehouse, and crossing the flooded central river before finally encountering some signs of life, a patrol of the town watch led by Captain Skith. During the course of the subsequent interrogation, the party was cleared but the refugees were revealed to be a member of the lycanthropic rat-men who had taken over the city (who subsequently escaped) and the party agreed to turn Verp over to the guards for questioning regarding his past affiliation with the Pact Lords.

From there, the group headed in the direction of Delver’s Square, only to discover a warning along the way that prevented them walking into an ambush. The rat-men collapsed a building at the end of the street ahead of them, potentially creating a deadly cross-fire from the nearby roof tops if the group had wandered into it blindly. Instead, the group were able to channel the rats to them in a neutral battlefield, eventually overcoming the ambush and driving the surviving rat-men into retreat.

The group settled into the Colored Animal inn, filling out their paperwork to join the Delver’s Guild and reuniting Kayliss with the proprietor, his former mentor. The group split up the next morning (or that night, in Bakari’s case), earning an invite from the mysterious benefactor who helped them avoid the ambush, reuniting Bakari with his Succubus contact, ingratiating Kayliss and Khyreon with the town archivists, and allowing Jezzraine to vouch for Verp, free him, and start converting him to worship of Pelor. Khyeron managed to discover that none of his fellow priests of Kord had been seen since the attack and that, indeed, some of the first incidents with attacks by the rat-men were occurring in the vicinity of the city arena, which also serves as the temple of Kord. Finally, the group met up with Thoren Shatterstone, an ancient dwarf who claimed to have performed the ritual that resurrected the fallen heroes as a part of his need to call a group of heroes for his own ends. For the time being he allowed them to deal with the troubles inside the city, with promise that they would come and find him once the city was safe from the flood. The group resolved to travel to the arena and see what they could find there.


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