Thorvarian Tales

The Rain Part 3

Wherein battle is joined, a demon is defeated, and a hero falls

The party, concerned that whatever was trapped inside a metal container in the Vyrmen lab was going to escape, quickly scavenged some parts from the equipment and used it to jam the box closed, hopefully buying themselves the time they needed to complete their mission. This done, they traveled through the tunnel into the arena itself. As they crept along the darkened passage, they were surprised to hear a portcullis slam shut behind them, with an apologetic Flash Brisby sealing them in so as to play both sides to his own benefit, depending on who would win.

Arriving on the arena floor, they were greeted with an imposing, well armed gladiator Vyrman and hundreds of gleaming yellow eyes staring at them from the crowd. After brief posturing by both sides the battle was engaged. Some members of the group engaged the rat-man while others faced the wrath of the primordial Dagon, ally to Demogorgon, made manifest through elemental creatures composed of pure storm. The arena itself worked for and against them, as the mechanisms activated, alternately thrusting a tower up from the floor into the sky and another dropping away into a pit trap beneath the Vyrmen gladiator. Khyeron was vital to the party’s survival, calling down blessings from Kord to refresh the party and unleash the god’s wrath on the Vyrmen watching from the audience.

As the rat-man fell and the last of the storm servants were dispatched, it appeared as if the party was triumphant until Dagon threw them a final enemy, a massive stormcloud, appeared in the arena and assaulted them. The fiend alternately launched blasts of wind and bolts of lightening at the party, hurling them about like ten-pins. The party bravely battled on, aided again by Kord’s wrath, finally bringing the creature down and succeeding, but at a cost. The Kobold wild-mage, Verp, was lost, caught by a blast of his own uncontrolled wild magic, and Khyeron was brought down and killed by the storm creature. Victorious but saddened, the group was at least heartened by the cheers of the spirits Kord sent to aid them and the realization that, for the first time in weeks, the rain had stopped.


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