The Deck of Many Things


The Deck of Many Things is a spreader of chaos. Resembling nothing more than a simple deck of ivory playing cards, it is the most potent artifact of anarchy in the material realm. It is the changer of fates, bringing up the downtrodden and dragging down the fortunate alike. Among Delvers it is a legend, leading to uncounted folktales and fables of those brave or foolish enough to draw from the deck.

During the last days of the Eternal Hungers’ invasion of Arek, the human defenders of Guardmore Abbey held firm and defended the walls of their fortress to buy time for the rest of humanity to escape over the seas. In a moment of weakness, the Paladin commander of the Abbey drew a card from the deck to try and give the defenders an advantage as the walls were breached, seeing to his horror the Tower card staring back at him. This would prove to be the final ruin of the Guardmore defenders but, in doing so, would lead to much more far-reaching consequences. An early version of the wards Danar would eventually put in place around the Banewarrens was in place around Guardmore, preventing the deck from reassembling and teleporting away (as typically happens after a draw.) The subsequent release of chaos energy stymied the Hunger’s northern advance, but also led the deck to scatter throughout the Abbey and weaken the barriers between the material plane, the Far Realm, and the Feywild (eventually enabling the invasion of the Pactlords into the Eladrin realms.)

Eventually, a group of heroes from the Delvers’ Guild, hearing of an Orc invasion force mustering in the north, reclaimed Guardmore Abbey and reassembled the Deck. Perhaps out of gratitude or perhaps out of some manner of greater purpose, the deck has remained in place, allowing itself to be wielded as a potent focus of chaos magic for a Wild Mage who was instrumental in restoring the Deck of Many Things. What the consequences of this newfound loyalty may be has yet to be determined.

The Deck of Many Things

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