Thorvarian Tales

Vyrmen in the Moathouse

In which a new adventure begins, and a farm is found destroyed

10 years after the fall of Thorvar city, a new group of adventurers departed from Guardmore Village to reassure local folk. A meteor shower the week prior had led many to fear the return of the army of giants that had destroyed the capital long ago. While travelling the road, Acyzia, Ariela, andSir Veden Deepstone encountered a trail of smoke on the horizon and the fleeing boy, Richard, who reported that his farm had been attacked by some kind of monsters. The group found 4 Vyrmen burning the farm and tormenting the farm dog. Battle was joined, and the group defeated the four Vyrmen, rescuing the girl Emily from the house. The two children revealed that their parents had been carried away by the monsters, and the group of adventurers resolved to rescue them.


adamrogers2 adamrogers2

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